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            Artificial intelligence sex dolls

            Artificial intelligence sex dolls are sex dolls, also called “love dolls”, capable of human interaction and certain actions that emulate human behavior, such as conversations that are remembered, learning through the same process of interaction with humans and external information (internet, software), showing different personalities, reacting to words and actions, smiling, making facial expressions, multitasking, and sexual activity. But artificial intelligence sex dolls are also capable of imitating human emotions, such as laughter, sensibility, reaction to touch, love, sympathy, and sexual desire and satisfaction. Unlike robots, their realistic physical appearance always resembles the one of a real person.

            All these attributes make them the perfect personal companions. That is why we prefer to call them artificial companions. Artificial companions sex dolls not only provide that human presence that we all need, especially in solitary moments but also sexual interaction, with genitals and body attributes, such as skin pores, wrinkles, imperfections, blood vessels, and texture that resemble a real human body in flesh and bones.

            Their genitals are an exact replica of those of a male or female person, including the vaginal and anal canals with all detailed precision, such as labia, anus, g-point, rugosities, tongue, teeth, and shape. Most of the models offer three different orifices for sexual satisfaction and different experiences: vaginal, anal, and oral sex.

            The increase in popularity of artificial intelligence sex dolls

            Artificial intelligence sex dolls or love dolls have become more and more popular in recent years in a society that demands more of its individuals to the extent of sacrificing personal lives and relationships for a career or to run a business.

            We are all so busy, taking care of our daily routines that we forget about social relationships and, on top of that, the new rules for social distancing and isolation.

            There is where artificial intelligence sex dolls, as the ultimate artificial companion, without the inconveniences, expenses, pressure, and lack of motivation of real companions, enter into the scene, to provide companionship, sexual satisfaction, and even work for us as a tool that helps us to remember things and plan our agenda, like a personal assistant.

            Artificial intelligence sex dolls are soon becoming part of our daily lives. In less time than we think, we will see them as well at hotel front desks, restaurants, business meetings, building receptions, and medical facilities.

            Why buy a realistic artificial sex doll? 

            Well, besides the evident benefit of having sex with the closest ideal to the man or woman of your dreams, when you cannot have the real one, there is much more.

            In the first place, why not try something new? Explore new fantasies, play new roles, break some boundaries with “someone” who will not complain, cheat or say “no”. Your artificial companion sex dolls can be everything you want him or her to be, not only your sexual playboy or playgirl but also participate in foreplay and keep the memory of the sexual sessions for the next occasions.

            The realistic artificial companion sex doll has a perfect body but will never complain if you are not “perfect”. For him or her you will always be “perfect”, and the master in charge.

            And, besides, all this, there is still much more: name him or her as you please, he or she will respond by that name; tell him or her how he or she must call you; control them using Bluetooth technology; allow 4G and 5G technology to access the internet to gather specific information in a matter of seconds, for example, “where is Gothenburg?” or “when Julius Caesar was born?”. Define recurrent or frequent topics of conversation, ideology, sports preferences, or languages. Program personalities to act romantic, dominant, inspiring and motivational, submissive… It’s your choice. And the possibilities are endless.

            If that would not be enough, your realistic artificial companion sex doll can keep constant human temperature all day from head to toes. Imagine sleeping with that special someone next to you, hugging her, and feeling her body warm and ready. They are also sensitive to touch, reacting differently if you care for her, hit her, or touch her private parts. Their face shows facial expressions, gesticulating, blinking eyes, smiling, and even singing! They learn and remember, as they store everything in The Cloud. And, as a whole, can multitask for you, becoming your favorite assistant, teacher, receptionist, or simply that special someone you can relax with and talk to after a hard day at work.

            The key benefits of owning an artificial intelligence doll

            If all this has not convinced you yet, what can we say?

            At Artificial Companions we are in constant innovation, always listening to our customers and advisors, developing new technologies in materials, components, and software, that may bring even more realism and help us to offer you more realistic sex dolls. 

            Besides supporting your creativity and imagination, we want you to feel valued, important, and happy. We want you to feel motivated, after breaking away with routine, tension, and boredom, characteristics of this society we live in.

            It’s perfectly normal to enjoy sex with oneself, and also with adult toys, why not to take one or two steps further, and make it more realistic? Why not to add the “moments before” and the “moments after”? Why not dress accordingly for the occasion? Why not to make our fantasies come true, even though for a few hours? Don’t we deserve it? Don’t we work hard enough, stress enough, and put enough on the table already? Well, we need to think a little more about ourselves.

            An artificial intelligence sex doll is the closest to the real thing without the inconveniences and hassle of the real thing. Postures? Sensations? Feeling? Pleasure? Weight? Softness? It’s all solved! They are beautiful, sexy, charming, alluring, extremely attractive, and they look surprisingly real. We love to take care of them; we love to dress them up; we love doing it our way, don’t we? Well, that is why we are already planning the next event, maybe tonight…

            Artificial intelligence sex dolls are the ultimate, perfect, personal, artificial companions.

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