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Silicone Stars

As in the words of Graham Allen, founder and owner of Silicone Stars, “Doesn’t every man want to have sex with a porn star?”. That was the beginning of Silicone Stars.

There is fantasy and imagination in every sexual relationship, something that makes it more exciting and passionate than the mere act of reproduction. Graham purchased a sex doll, trying to understand what could make these adult toys more special and how they could help to enhance that fantasy for those men and women who do not have the option to enjoy that fantasy, as well as those who have chosen to stay away from the complicated, and sometimes dangerous, process of finding a person whom to share those fantasies in our ever-changing world. And he realized that a more intimate connection would help to achieve that goal. The doll he purchased only had a generic name given by the factory, and despite being very attractive, it did not look as real as it would have been desirable; it was just a piece of silicone.

And this is how Graham decided that his team would be the first group to specialize in the design and production of famous porn star sex dolls. Since that moment, they have partnered with some of the most famous brands and manufacturers in the sex doll industry. Everyone working at Silicone Stars is excited about this niche and totally committed to continue creating the most hyper-realistic porn star sex dolls ever created in the world.

Why porn stars?

Graham knows that there are many men and women who love porn, and they all have fantasized about their favorite porn stars. So why not put together the best of both worlds? Silicone dolls that look like real porn stars.

Through pornography, our favorite porn stars are who we want them to be. They are sexy, have perfect bodies, and represent the idea of an ideal sexual partner who is open-minded and willing to do anything we like to do without questioning or hesitation. This idealistic concept helps to complete our fantasies because it assists our imagination.

But why if our favorite porn star would not just be “that experience” of being with her for pure pleasure. What if she would be something more, a lover, a partner? What if she lived with us, sharing our space, our bedroom, our closet…? That would turn a porn star sex doll into a love doll. Besides, she would help fulfill our ever-changing fantasies, while we could still hear her moaning and whispering in our ears, and that would make the experience even hotter, releasing the hounds.

An ultra-realistic porn star sex doll can perfectly meet those requirements. They can be our artificial companions.

The process

Since this porn star sex doll concept was born, the whole team of Silicone Stars has worked tirelessly to develop the most realistic porn stars’ replicas possible. Silicone Stars’ Designing Team learned that a high-resolution digital scan of the original models would create a more accurate replication than sculpting from a picture, even more than using different materials for making a mold and creating a casting.

The first part of the process is selecting the ideal model. This goes through an extensive process that involves team meetings and contacts with different models until a decision is made.

Once the model has been selected and an agreement has been sealed with her to use her body and her adult film industry name, the technical staff meets with her at the studio for the digital 3D development. As soon as they have all those 3D files completed, they are sent to their factories for production.

The next part of the process to replicate the body of a porn star is to create a life-size model by 3D printing the files obtained from scanning the model’s body, usually in latex. This 3D latex sculpture is very accurate and about the same life-size and volume as the original model. However, it still needs a few touches here and there to polish imperfections and repair those tiny parts that could not be replicated so well. The final 3D latex sculpture, resulting in a 95% accuracy compared to the real model, is used to create the first plaster mold.

Once the final mold is completed, the factory adds the advanced EVO skeleton and the mechanical options chosen by the customer, such as blow-job action, bionic vagina, constant human temperature, etc, pours in the silicone, and the first doll is born. The type of silicone used is liquid silicone of the highest quality, conceived explicitly for intimate and personal use, and certified-approved by most quality controls in the United States and Europe, such as USDA, CE, etc.

Then the Makeup Department adds all the details: implanted hair, eyes, makeup, blood vessels, eyebrows and eyelashes, skin tones, and all other life-like details that make Silicone Stars sex dolls so hyper-realistic.

Then you can watch them in their porn movies, follow them on social media, and purchase them from Artificial Companions.

We hope you love Silicone Stars porn star sex dolls as much as we do!

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