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        Realistic Spanish sex dolls

        “Spain is Different”. With this simple slogan, the Spanish Government’s tourist campaign in the 60s tried to define what you could find in Spain. For centuries the Iberian Peninsula has been a crossroads and land of encounters for different civilizations; from the Celts and Iberians to the Visigoths, including Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, and Muslims; each of them left their mark on the people who today are called Spanish or Spaniards, mixing their DNA and ethnic traits, influencing spiritual beliefs, modifying the language, and enriching their cultural backgrounds.

        Spanish women are the result of this legacy. That is why the Spanish woman’s stunning beauty and personality have been idolatrized across centuries, immortalized through art and legend. Great examples are the Lady of Elche, an Iberian bust from the 4th Century BC with characteristic headdress and ornaments exalting the beauty and sophistication of the Iberian woman; the paintings of Velazquez, Goya, Picasso, and Dali; the novels of Cervantes; contemporary cinema, represented by actresses who have become authentic sex symbols, such as Sara Montiel, Penelope Cruz, or Ursula Corbero; and top-models like Ester Canadas.

        Our realistic Spanish sex dolls, metaphorically speaking, talk about this legacy. They have dark hair, light or medium-tone skin, sensual bodies, full glossy lips, straight noses, and seductive eyes that tell you how much they love you and will care about you. They are the faithful exponent of a Mediterranean culture that brought the sensuality of Moorish women, the mystery of the gypsies, the determination and wisdom of the Jewish, the open-mindedness of the Nordic people, and the passion and love for sex of the Romans. From mythical Andalusiato the Celtic Galicia, Medieval Castile, or ancestral Navarre…Flamenco, red wine, football, Ibiza, Majorca, endless sandy beaches, crazy nights… and stunning Spanish women! What better combination?Artificial Companions’ realistic Spanish love dolls will teletransport you to an endless Fiesta where passion will be the common denominator…

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