For legal purposes herein, an "Order" is a request that "you" (referred to as "the customer" and "the user") place on Personal Companions LLC DBA Artificial Companions (referred herein as "The Company", "we" and "us") soliciting a specific service or product that we offer and has full payment confirmed.

An order requires (mandatory) specific Personal Information, as defined in our Privacy Policy, needed to uniquely identify, contact, or locate you, such as name, email address, shipping address, billing address, and telephone number, and Additional Information, such as the service, product, or model name or number, that you are requesting and possible additional extra options that must have been previously agreed.

When you place an order with us, each of our products included in that order is manufactured specifically for you. A 12-point inspection quality process is triggered to ensure the products included in that order have no defects or damages, and the correct models are sent to you before shipment. This ensures their quality, integrity, and durability. This process adds a few extra days until delivery, but it results in higher customer satisfaction and a brand-new product which lifespan will not be reduced by storage time.

The manufacturing, packaging, control, and the shipping process starts right after your full payment is completed. At that moment, you will receive a receipt ("Confirmation Order") with an "Order Number". The Order Number is used as a reference to identify your order.


Once the products included in an order have been manufactured and packaged, they are immediately sent to the address you have indicated.

Artificial Companions only delivers products in those countries where the import, sale, distribution, and possession of sex toys is legal. We reserve the right to refuse to deliver an order to any specific address or country; in that case, the money will be fully refunded to the customer. For more information, please refer to our Refunds Policy.

Shipping costs to the Continental United States and Europe are included with every order. Every order will be shipped using the least expensive method available for each destination/country, usually by maritime freight and cargo trains. The estimated shipping time for America and Europe is approximately 2 weeks, plus 1 week for manufacturing, packaging, and handling. To this, we need to add the time that shipments are delayed at Customs and Port Authorities for inspection. We have detected that, because of COVID19, this process is taking longer than usual, what makes the total process to last about 1 month. Faster shipping methods are available, generally by air. If you prefer a faster shipping method, you may contact us for an estimated cost, which will require an additional supplement. However, keep in mind that recent increases in fuel costs is causing air express shipping to double in price.

We are not responsible for incorrect or undeliverable addresses. Please make sure your delivery address is correct, and the order can be delivered. Some of our packages are bulky and heavy; consider their dimensions and weight when receiving them. You can always contact us for specific details.

Air shipping usually costs extra money, but it may reduce delivery time by about one week or more.

Some local airport and port authorities may require that the receiver ("customer") in person picks up the order for Customs Clearance. This may require the payment of a small local fee. We do not have any control or influence over local Laws or authorities. Therefore we cannot accept any responsibility as a consequence of this process or any extra costs involved. Whereas this is not required, we will absorb the charges and deliver the order to your door.

We will provide you with a Tracking Number when your product is shipped. The Tracking Number will help you to follow up on the status of your order.

If your order does not arrive within the estimated time, please contact us immediately.  


Personal Companions acts as a third-party on the customer's behalf when ordering the shipping company or logistics company to drop-ship the product to the indicated address. Therefore, we are not responsible for damages or losses caused by the shipping company. This means that the risk of damages and losses that the product may suffer during the shipping process passes to the customer. The customer agrees to exonerate Artificial Companions of any responsibility related to shipping or delivery. Therefore, the customer agrees that Artificial Companions shall never be held responsible or liable for any products damaged or lost during the shipping process. The customer waives any claims against Artificial Companions and agrees that Artificial Companions will not be responsible for any refunds due to products damaged or lost by the shipping company or logistics company.

Both parties agree that, following order dispatch, transportation is the sole responsibility of the third-party shipping company. From this moment on, the product's full ownership belongs to the buyer; the buyer shall assume all associated liability and risks that may arise during the shipping process; this includes customs clearance and storage.

Artificial Companions will offer to help the customer to complain against the shipping company for any damages or losses that may arise during shipping or transportation and get restitution or reimbursement for any damaged or lost products, but will never act on behalf of the customer or as the customer's representative during such claims. Artificial Companions will never charge a fee for this service.

The customer may opt for ordering the drop-shipping of the product at the customer's expense. In that case, Artificial Companions will reimburse the customer for the drop-shipping cost that Artificial Companions has agreed with the manufacturer.

The drop-shipping costs are nonrefundable once the delivery has been completed. 


If you have further questions about our Shipping Policy or any questions regarding our products' shipping, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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