Artificial Companions LLC (referred herein as “The Company”, “we” and “us”) will consider all sales from ”you” (referred herein as “the customer” and “the user”) AS FINAL for sanitary reasons due to the intimate nature of our products. You accept this general condition as NON-NEGOTIABLE.

We guarantee the maximum quality of our services and products. For this purpose, we have implemented a 12-point multi-inspection quality process to ensure that our products are manufactured, handled, and packaged, following a strict protocol, to guarantee your total satisfaction. However, from the moment that the shipping company picks up your order until it delivers it to your address, several circumstances may occur that escape our control. Therefore, in the event that a product may suffer damages during transportation or to be defective, something that is extremely rare, we will replace the product or products damaged or defective, and only those specific products damaged or defective included in the original order, at no extra cost for the customer. In case the same product is not available, we will grant a full refund of the amount paid for that specific product or products, including proportional shipping costs and return costs. Please, refer to the first paragraph of our Shipping Policy for a detailed definition of an “Order”.

For a full replacement or refund of a damaged or defective product, the customer must follow the same procedures and accept the same terms and conditions:

1. The customer must review all products included in the order upon receipt and report any damages or defects within the next 24 hours after delivery, in writing by emailing us at It is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure the receipt of such email. We always accuse receipt immediately so, if your email is not answered promptly, please give us a call quickly.
2. The report must include a detailed description of the product’s or products’ damage/s or defect/s. It must also include the product description, the customer’s full name, shipping address, billing address, email address, telephone number, the Order Number, and the total amount paid for the order, even if the whole order is not affected. The report must also include attached pictures showing clearly the damage/s or defect/s. We will issue a Return Order for identifying the damaged or defective product. The customer must retain this Return Order for reference when contacting us or tracking the affected product's return.
3. The customer will ship the defective or damaged products, making sure they are carefully packed. We will send a courier or shipping company to pick up the damaged/defective products to the customer’s address. The customer must ensure that there will be someone at the agreed location to allow the package/s containing the product/s to be picked up at the convened date and time.
4. The returned product/s must arrive in our warehouse within 30 days after the original order was delivered to the customer’s address.
5. The returned products must not have suffered additional damages, must not have been used, and must be adequately packaged. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure these three conditions.

Following the receipt of the damaged products in our warehouse, we will conduct an investigation to determine what happened. If we may confirm that damage to the product occurred during transportation or there is a defect that escaped our quality controls; in that case, we shall proceed with shipping a product replacement immediately or processing a full refund if the same product is not available.

There will be no refunds for products offered at no extra cost or complementary due to an Artificial Companions gift. However, we will try to substitute the gift with a similar feature or product of equal or lesser value. We will not have any obligation to substitute this gift, make a discount, or offer a free product, and the choice will be at our sole discretion.

Please NEVER attempt to return your product without contacting us first.


All refunds will always be processed using the same method of payment used for the original payment. If you used a credit card for payment, the refund will be processed to the same credit card used initially, even if it has expired. The credit card’s issuing entity or bank will ensure the funds arrive to the original credit cardholder. If you paid by a wire transfer, we will refund the money to the same bank account where the funds originated from. If the same bank account does not exist anymore, the customer will not be entitled to any refund. This is to prevent fraud.

All refunds will be processed immediately after our investigation has concluded. In any case, this will be no later than three days upon receipt of the returned product/s. Please, keep in mind that the actual refund may take up to 30-45 days to appear in your credit card statement or bank account. This depends on the credit card’s issuing entity or bank since they may retain the funds as long as your country’s laws allow it. For any information in reference to a refund that we have already processed, please always contact such entity. We will provide you with all evidence to be able to present a dispute, if necessary.

All refunds will require that we previously confirm that we received the original funds from the original transaction. We will have no obligation to process any refunds or replace any products if we never received a complete payment or received a credit card chargeback. We reserve the right to sue you for any monetary damages.


Delivery of defective or incorrect products is unlikely to happen because of our multiple quality controls; it is nearly impossible. However, if they occur, the customer is entitled to a replacement with the same (correct) product or a full refund after following the same four steps indicated previously, reporting the incorrect product's receipt, and attaching detailed pictures.

If the same product is not available and you still want one of our products, we will offer you a 20% discount off any of our products marked final price. If there is a difference in your favor, you will be entitled to a refund of that difference. If there is a difference to pay, you will have to pay that difference in full for us to start processing a new order. The new order will follow the same standard procedure and process indicated in our Shipping Policy. We will try to expedite the process, shortening the delivery time at no extra cost for you.

We may offer a gift or a product free of charge and not be available when processing your order. In that case, we will suggest an alternate product or option that may be similar in value or characteristics. We are not obliged to replace any gifts or free products, and we will not accept this as a valid reason for canceling the original order or returning the product.


If you believe that you have made an error in your order or sent an incorrect payment, please contact us as soon as possible by email. You can do that by using our automated service on this website as an option. Please include the order number and as many details as you can, explaining the nature of your concern. We are open 24/7 and will try to help you to fix the error.

Most errors can be fixed if reported within 48 hours after the order has been placed or a payment has been sent; however, keep in mind that weekends and holidays may represent an inconvenience.

We will determine the best solution. This may take a few days in some specific cases until we find the necessary information and analyze all possible options. We will send you a written explanation by email, which may include copies of documents supporting that explanation.

In most cases, the order can be changed or canceled before the product manufacturing process has started, and payments can be reversed or fixed, sending a difference. If the manufacturing process has already begun, we will see if there is another customer interested. Still, if there is not, and it was your error, the order will be considered final, and you will be responsible for full payment. You will also be responsible for any differences in price or additional costs generated by fixing an error; plus an additional $50 administrative fee, which will be deducted from the total amount to be refunded.


The customer agrees that The Company shall never be held responsible or liable for any products damaged or lost during the shipping process. The customer waives any claims against The Company and agrees that The Company will never be responsible for any refunds due to products damaged or lost by the shipping company or logistics company.

For additional information, please read our Shipping Policy.


Not following the procedures indicated for a product replacement or a refund in the event of products damaged, defective, or incorrect will be considered a Breach of Contract and will forfeit the customer’s right to such a refund or replacement at no additional cost. In that case, it will be at Artificial Companions’ sole discretion to determine if you are entitled to a product replacement or a total or partial refund.


In case of disagreement, you waive jury trials and class actions and agree to present and pay all costs for an arbitrary mediation out-of-court with a Law firm based in Miami, Florida, to determine an alternate resolution.

Customers living out of the United States agree to an alternative dispute resolution procedure only if a court of law rules that arbitration is prohibited by law.

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