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Wei Wei
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    Realistic Taiwanese sex dolls

    The standards of what is considered “beauty” in Taiwan have been set very high. In order for a woman to be considered pretty, she must attain certain very demanding standards, such as pale skin, young age, a high nose bridge, big eyes, a slender frame, long hair, a slim waist, big breasts, and firm buttocks.On the other hand, Taiwan is one of the most powerful economies in the world,with abundant modern and sophisticated health care facilities, becoming one of the world’s top leaders in plastic surgery.

    This combination of factors has led to fierce competition among women and even young girls to look sexy and pretty, unfortunately, leading to many facial and body modifications that are not natural in Asian women. However, this is very attractive to many men and women, and that is why Artificial Companions’ realistic Taiwanese sex dolls offer this combination of harmonious beauty, trying to find perfection and the right balance between sexiness and sensuality, with Asian traits and Western influence, and even from anime characters. At the same time, they resemble a shy and modest but very friendly and romantic personality.

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