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            XT Doll

            XT Doll is a brand of Rainstorm Technology, a sex doll designer and manufacturer located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Their factory covers an area of 6,000 square meters. That is more than a football field.

            XT Doll was the first manufacturer in the industry to propose and try the combination of a silicone head and a TPE body. Their extensive area and resources allow them to dedicate special attention to their Research & Development and Production Departments with some of the most professional and best-standardized processes in the adult toy industry, led by a group of professionals with long experience in the field. The complete work process guarantees the quality of their sex dolls.

            The production chain, spacious and always perfectly clean and organized ensures a smooth streamlined process, with an assembly line operated by a team of specialists guided by a supervisor every step of the way, who makes sure that commitment to guarantee is not just a mere slogan, but the only reality.

            XT Doll materials

            XT Doll focuses mainly on quality. They have made this a top priority, top quality production + top quality customer service.

            XT Doll proudly affirms to design and produce the most beautiful and realistic adult dolls in the market. To achieve this goal, their dolls are meticulously designed. The first step in the process of creating a new model is a corporate meeting involving all departments in the company where the concept and all details that will give form to the new doll are discussed to the ultimate detail, even the personality they want to imprint in the physical appearance of the new doll. This results in not just mere dolls, but authentic pieces of art; brilliant designs that pursue happy customers who not only care but love their dolls, as collectors care about their precious possessions.

            Following with the production line to produce the first doll according to the conception defined in the meetings, the Design department works diligently to meet the expectations. Needless to say, XT Doll has an amazing team of artists and concept designers who ultimately have extensive knowledge of the proportions and anatomy of human bodies and great talent to replicate those features in their creations.

            Finally, a careful selection of premium quality materials available in nature, that are transformed using the latest technology and most advanced equipment into the silicones and elastomers needed for each part of the dolls’ bodies, from their soft and supple parts to their firm structures that imitate muscle and bones, considering the intricate facial features, wrinkles, dead cells, textures, and so many other details that we can see in real human skin.

            XT Doll ensures that their product line offers love dolls for all tastes, including a variety of heights, shapes, skin tones, and all possible combinations that make sense, so customers can find the perfect match according to their unique tastes and preferences.

            As we mentioned, the second pillar supporting XT Doll's commitment to quality is based on customer service excellence. First, to ensure that no dolls leave the facilities with the slightest or inadvertent defect or damage. Second, staying behind each product until it is delivered to the customer. Finally, supporting preferred distributors such as Artificial Companions with questions or technical questions. They even have a dedicated team for this purpose.

            What makes XT Doll different?

            XT Doll has the latest 3D printing technology and fully automatic production equipment that allows them to create exactly the dolls that they have conceived. Their experienced team ensures the final products meet all the requirements.

            On top of that, innovations developed by R & D have achieved new materials and textures that simulate the real feel and touch of human skin to levels never seen before. XT Dolls’ skin looks among the most realistic, and it is improving day by day with every new creation, and that affects important details such as bone structure, muscle resemblance, fingers, attractiveness, makeup, head shapes, hair, eyes, and other visual aspects such as blood vessels, freckles, and skin tones.

            XT Doll’s latest innovative series, the “ultra-lightweight”, has been conceived to assist those customers who still want 1:1 scale sex dolls that look as realistic as living women but cannot lift that much weight. They are manufactured with ultra-soft and ultra-lightweight materials in combination with some air pockets, that reduce weight while keeping the same firmness and quality as regular sex dolls.

            XT Doll dedicates a big effort to training and recycling talent, to adapt themselves to the quick evolution of the sex doll industry and keep up with the innovations that the market demands. The result is a highly trained team of professionals, committed to the standards defined by this manufacturer and total customer satisfaction.

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