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Since the beginning of time we humans have felt the need for another human presence next to us. Even God in the Bible tells us “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him (Genesis 2:18)”.

And these times we live in put this to the test.
Our Products

What we offer

Our Full Bodies section offers a wide range of realistic reproductions of human bodies.
Our Half Bodies and Body Parts sections offer reduced versions for smaller space or discretion requirements.
And our Artifical Intelligence section offers humanoids with artificial intelligence, this is human-like capabilities to provide solutions in many fields:


Corporate world

Hospitality industry

Mental treatments/Health care

Sexual drive

Automotive industry


We are located in the heart of Miami, Florida.

Our goal is to be able one day to provide solutions for all situations and scenarios where an artificial human may be needed; this includes hobbies, your favorite celebrity, and even space exploration.

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