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      Realistic Polynesian sex dolls

      The islands of the Pacific are divided into three major regions, being Polynesia the largest, like a huge triangle that extends from Hawaii in the North to New Zealand in the South. Native Polynesians have a unique rich ancestral culture and religion, related to the sea and the elements of nature.

      From all the Polynesian islands and archipelagos, Tonga remained the untouched kingdom until very recent days with little Western and Asian influence. Tongans have a distinct and strong ethnic identity, language, and culture, and Tongan women are easily identified by their unique beauty and charm. Other parts of the region, like the Cook Islands, French Polynesia, Samoa, and Hawaii Islands, for example, have a different degree of ethnic influence from other parts of the world.

      Perhaps one of the most the most extended aspects of Polynesian culture has been its sensuality. For centuries, since Captain Cook’s expedition and other explorers, the mythical image that circulated about Polynesia was an eternal tropical paradise with amazing women with so many incredible attributes that make men forget even who they are, falling immediately in love with them. This concept was especially promoted by novels, the cinema, and the paintings of Paul Gauguin. The fact that Polynesians generally take a very direct approach to life and nature, and specifically Polynesian women are especially gratifying to the senses, promoted the idea of acceptable sexual interchange with foreigners, fueled by an intense erotic charm, physical perfection. and extreme promiscuity without any taboos or restrictions.

      And that is what our realistic Polynesian sex dolls try to portray; that beauty and exotism:

      • Skin. From the original golden-tanned and natural skin tones of the less colonized islands like Tonga and Samoa to the fair light soft skin of Western and Asian colonists in Hawaii and French Polynesia (Tahiti and Bora Bora).

      • Eyes. Eye colors ranging from brown chocolate to tawny and hypnotizing green, always candid and mysterious as these people are.

      • Hair. Wavy and straight lush brown and silky black hair, topped with Tiare flowers.

      • Body. Sensual strong but not-too-muscular slim-thick sexy bodies with curves, and round boobs and asses.

      These physical characteristics with influences from the South Pacific islands, including Australia, Asia, and America, exude that sensuality and charm that has captivated travelers and inspired artists from all over the world.

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