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          Realistic Middle Eastern sex dolls

          It is hard to describe the exceptional beauty and charm of the women of the Middle East. They are considered among the hottest and sexiest in the world with their exotic mystery, sensuality, and magnetic charm. They have inspired songs, poems, paintings, and novels through the centuries, like the famous Tales of the One Thousand and One Nights and The Perfumed Garden. Mythical names like Scheherazade’s are synonymous with extraordinary women, experts in the art of love, who can seduce men to the point of forgetting their own names and where they come from. Nefertiti and Cleopatra are identified as historically influential icons of beauty and intelligence. From the mythical Persia in the East, which caused such a deep impression on Alexander the Great, to Essaouira on the Atlantic Coast of Africa, we are talking of a vast region of the world comprising Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, the Arabian Peninsula, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Argelia, Tunis, and Morocco, but we also want to include Turkey in the list for evident cultural and religious affinity.

          The women of the Middle East show innate personal qualities, such as friendliness, vivaciousness, and agreeableness. They are mature, confident, and highly competent in anything they propose to accomplish. And they are sexually open-minded when certain standards or religious morals are not imposed.

          What can you expect from Artificial Companions’ realistic Middle Eastern sex dolls? Our Middle East collection shows love dolls that are powerfully attractive and unique.

          • Head shape. Our Middle Eastern sex dolls have an oval or round head shape with prominent cheeks, elevated thick eyebrows, a well-defined chin, and full lips.

          • Eyes. They are the most important distinctiveness of beauty of our Middle Eastern sex dolls. They have large, wide, striking, almond-shaped eyes.

          • Hair. Our Middle Eastern sex dolls have dark, brown, or black, silky, thick hair, generally straight or wavy with curls.

          • Skin. Our Middle Eastern sex dolls always have a smooth skin complexion and a natural or tanned skin color.

          • Body shape. Our Middle Eastern sex dolls offer the characteristic hourglass body shape: curvy bodies with prominent busts, thin waists, wide hips, and round firm butts.

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