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          Realistic Thai sex dolls

          Thailand has always been considered one of the paradises for sex. The heat, ancient knowledge transferred from mothers to daughters, an open mind, and the incredible beauty of the women have been the key elements.

          Thailand has some of the most beautiful women in the world. Western men especially find Thai women to be very attractive. The reasons may be that their facial traits result from a mix of Asian and Indo-European facial features, but they are also very sensual and empathic and constantly show one of the most beautiful smiles on the planet. No other women in the world are better skilled than Thai women in massage techniques.

          Thai women, especially in the country’s central area around Bangkok, but also in Chiang Mai, and the many tourist areas tend to love freedom more than others and become more independent. As this is a trending theme, the girls here can be considered the most open-minded, friendly, and adventurous. As Bangkok has become more and more Westernized in the last decades, the new generation has been influenced by this Western culture and has more self-motivation and determination to accomplish their goals. They are also much more open when it comes to sex, and can even teach you a thing or two that, for certain, you have never experienced before.

          Our realistic Thai sex dolls portray the beauty of Thai girls, with fair light skin, which is considered the most attractive skin tone in Thailand; smooth facial Asian features with a touch of European influence because of their constant desire to look like Western girls; alluring dark angel eyes; small noses, long straight, silky black hair, medium height, and a thin completion with some prominent bust.

          From the educated and friendly student girl to the sophisticated model, the talented actress, and the devoted housewife, Artificial Companions’ realistic Thai sex dolls offer solutions to fulfill every fantasy.

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