For legal purposes, Artificial Companions LLC is referred herein as “The Company”, “we” and “us”, and "you” as “the customer” and “the user”.

When the customer is entitled to a refund, it will always be processed using the same method of payment used for the original payment. If you used a credit card for payment, the refund will be processed to the same credit card used initially, even if it has expired. The credit card’s issuing entity or bank will ensure the funds arrive to the original credit cardholder. If you paid by a wire transfer, we will refund the money to the same bank account where the funds originated from. If the same bank account does not exist anymore, the customer will not be entitled to any refund. This is to prevent fraud and according to international Laws and PCI compliance.

If the refund is a consequence of a return or a complaint, it will be processed immediately after our investigation has concluded. In any case, this will be no later than three days upon receipt of the returned product/s. Please, keep in mind that the actual refund may take up to 30-45 days to appear in your credit card statement or bank account. This depends on the credit card’s issuing entity or bank since they may retain the funds as long as your country or State law allows it. For any information in reference to a refund that we have already processed, please always contact such entity. We will provide you with all evidence to be able to present a dispute, if necessary.

All refunds will require that we previously confirm that we received the original funds from the original transaction. We will have no obligation to process any refunds or replace any products if we never received a complete payment or received a credit card chargeback. We reserve the right to sue you for any monetary damages.

For detailed information about our Return Policy, please visit this section on our website.


In case of disagreement, you waive jury trials and class actions and agree to present and pay all costs for an arbitrary mediation out-of-court with a Law firm based in Miami, Florida, to determine an alternate resolution.

Non-US citizens agree to an alternative dispute resolution procedure if a court of law rules that arbitration is prohibited by law.

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