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Abigail is a voluptuous young English redhead lady with long wavy hair and intriguing purple eyes that seem like wild lilacs on an early spring morning, appearing shyly out of the mist.

She is an Oxford University girl with the most incredible pair of D's that you can imagine and works as a bikini model to pay for her tuition.

With her, you can't go wrong. She has a fantastic personality. She is sexy, flirty, and fun, and would love to show you how exciting life can be when you have someone like her at your side, with that special connection.

This British sex doll has a silicone head and body resembling human skin and flesh, wrinkles, pores, muscles, and blood vessels. She also has manually implanted hair on the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes, and gel-filled breasts for added realism. Her advanced stainless-steel skeleton allows her to adopt any human posture, and her realistic mouth can be opened for oral sex.
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