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Cameroonian women are affectionate and caring, with a strong survival sense, and among the sexiest in Africa.

Angelle was born in Yaounde with velvet-smooth skin, silky dark hair, and a sweet, flirtatious smile. She has a slender, toned, and dangerously firm body, sculpted from having practiced track and field for several years, specializing in long jumping. She has a physique that seems to defy the laws of physics and an adorable face, but there's no doubt she could outrun, jump, swim, and throw us out of the park.

But above all, Angelle is passionate and sensual, sophisticated and fun-loving... with a very naughty side that she would love to share with you! She'd love to spoil you and love to get spoiled in return.

Angelle is only for a few selected, for those with impeccable taste and enjoy a lady with a fantastic slender body and legs but no complications or issues of any kind. So, if you're looking for an unforgettable, authentic African artificial companion experience, you will appreciate Angelle very much.

This Ebony African sex doll is made of high-quality medical-grade TPE, perfectly safe for human use. She has a soft silicone head with a wig and manually implanted hair in her eyebrows and eyelashes. Her mouth, with teeth and tongue, can provide oral sex. The advanced internal EVO skeleton offers support with a special mechanism that allows disassembling the head for easier cleaning, shrugging shoulders, and double joints for more realistic movements and poses.

This product is offered in partnership with Irontech Doll, a manufacturer pioneer in solutions for sexual and emotional satisfaction, known for its dedication to achieving maximum realism and beauty.

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