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Mick likes to live and party like a rock star. His real name is Michael, but his friends call him “Mick” because he is a great admirer of Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones; he even likes to dress like him.

And, like him, he is also from a little town near London. Tall and thin, with a muscular body and a grunge hairstyle, he always looks great in designer fashion and vintage clothes, bringing fun and sophistication to a relationship.

In intimacy, he is a sensual and masculine man who likes to make his partners enjoy the most perverse fantasies. His big 8’ long attribute is always ready for the occasion. He likes giving as much as receiving. His oral and anal orifices offer maximum realism and double pleasure.

So Mick is here, ready to rock your world!


- Realistic tall British male sex doll.
- TPE body and head upgraded to S-TPE.
- Extended durability + more resistance to tearing and weight + enhanced elasticity.
- Detailed skin with pores, wrinkles, and blood vessels.
- EVO skeleton with shrugging shoulders and solid feet with bolts.
- Enhanced mouth that can provide oral sex.
- Anus and rectum with anal texture.
- Tongue.
- Fair skin tone.
- Articulated fingers.
- Pubic hair.
- Wig.
- Dildo: 8" (20 cm).

Manufactured by WM Dolls, the number-one sex doll corporation in the world, with a reputation built on innovation and quality.

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