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For all of you ladies and gay men of the world, I am Jenny Williamson. Let me introduce you to Puerto Rican television actor Raul Perez because if you have ever watched Telemundo’s “telenovelas”, then you probably recognize him, but if not, then I am here to tell you a few things about him.

Raul is a bi-sexual male packing a 7-inch cock that can get as hard as any cock you have ever sucked or fucked in your life. Trust me, because I have tasted it a few times… He currently lives in Miami, where he has been working as an actor for the past 8 years, and both his star power and dick power are on the rise.

Although he is the real Chad, who loves fucking men and women alike, he has never had a true partner, and confessed to me that he would prefer to settle, quit partying, and find someone bi-sex like him for a more stable relationship to enjoy the best sex imaginable.

If you are not into big cocks like his, then Raul is not the artificial companion for you. However, if you like them, and are willing to suck his big dick, let him eat your pussy or dick, and fuck your ass deep and hard, then Raul is the ideal partner for you. Believe me, that 5’11” all-masculine body won’t disappoint you!!

Raul is also the ideal "Latin Lover" and knows his way around a woman's body from head to toe. If you want to achieve an orgasm with Raul, all you have to do is pull out his big hard cock and ride it until you reach your climax. But be careful, you might never want to fuck a real man ever again! But he also loves having sex with men and trans women being a "bottom", allowing them to penetrate his asshole in the doggy-style position. So, if you like being on top, Raul is also the stud you have been looking for.

Finally, a recommendation for you ladies: it feels just incredible to ride Raul’s face. His oral sex, eating pussy, is out of this world! He is a true master of clit. Place your legs around his face and sit tight because you will end up shaking and trembling. I bet you have never experienced anything like it!


- Tall Latino Puerto Rican male sex doll.
- Medical-grade TPE, body and head.
- Sealed mouth.
- Anus and rectum with anal texture.
- Articulated stainless-steel skeleton with shrugging shoulders and solid feet with bolts.
- Skin tone as shown in the pictures.
- Implanted pubic hair.
- Wig.
- Dildo: 7" (18 cm).

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