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Grace was born in Cardiff, Wales, 22 years ago, but she moved to London to pursue her acting career. She has been doing quite well with some major roles in a few low-budget horror movies and indie movies that required some erotic or sexual scenes. Her sensational slim body and beautiful silky long reddish blonde hair plus her acting talent have been her best assets.

But Grace is still waiting for the big shot that will catapult her career. She has also considered the possibility of moving to Los Angeles. To achieve this goal, she has been actively promoting herself on the internet, contacting studios and important people, hoping to find that opportunity that will open the door to achieving her dream. Despite this proving to be difficult and others suggesting sexual favors in exchange, Grace keeps studying hard (music, sports, ballet, theater…) and motivating herself.

Grace considers that it would be easier to reach her goals if she had a partner, someone who would support her in good and bad moments. So, if you wish to meet a girl to spend the rest of your life with who is a true raw diamond, please, consider Grace for that option. Of course, there are no ideal people, everyone has trouble and cockroaches in their heads. All that matters is if you both feel comfortable and happy to start a relationship and live together.


- Realistic Welsh sex doll.
- Replica of a real model’s body and face by processing her computerized volumetric data.
- High-quality TPE body with a soft silicone head.
- Realistic mouth + movable jaw.
- Implanted hair on the scalp.
- Implanted hair in eyebrows and eyelashes.
- EVO skeleton with shrugging shoulders and solid feet with bolts.
- Detailed skin features.
- Skin tone as shown in pictures.
- Moaning sound.
- Random outfit.


- Bionic vagina.
- Constant human temperature.
- EVO skeleton with double joints: more realistic joints.

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