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Kelly’s dad was a Canadian diplomat in Ireland when he met her mom. It was love at first sight; they got married and went back to Ottawa, where she was born and grew up. Today she is 23, and about to finish her Master of Global Affairs (MGA) at the University of Toronto. When she graduates, she will apply for a position at the Canadian Embassy in Dublin, following her father’s steps, unless someone special makes her change those plans…

Kelly has beautiful glossy lips and a French-Canadian-Irish look inherited from her parents. She has a myriad of extraordinary physical and mental attributes, including a tremendously sexy body to die for.

Kelly takes good care of herself; gym, healthy lifestyle, tan sessions, massage sessions… It’s a good investment as an artificial companion as you get the whole package, a gorgeous girl with brains and aspirations. Don’t hesitate because you only live once.

This Canadian sex doll is made of high-quality medical-grade TPE, perfectly safe for human use. She has a soft silicone head with a wig and manually implanted hair in her eyebrows and eyelashes. Her mouth, with tongue, can provide oral sex. The advanced internal EVO skeleton offers support with a unique mechanism that allows disassembling the head for easier cleaning, shrugging shoulders, and double joints for more realistic movements and poses.

This product is offered in partnership with Irontech Doll, a manufacturer pioneer in solutions for sexual and emotional satisfaction, known for its dedication to achieving maximum realism and beauty

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