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Diana is named after the Roman Goddess of Hunt for one powerful reason: her mission is to hunt you, leaving you dry and exhausted. Currently, top-rated with stellar reviews and breathtaking attributes, she is preferred by an elite seeking the highest quality experience in this genre.

She is the ideal companion for long, high-rated sessions, with no rush and no intimidation despite her statuesque 5'9" body; a deluxe experience at the discretion of your place.

Naturally explosive, one of a kind with beautiful soft skin, luxuriant wavy long hair, and eyes as deep-blue as an ocean to get lost, there is no man whose jaw doesn't drop seeing her exuberant body naked. She is almost perfect, and that first impression immediately feels like a dagger piercing your heart.

Epic songs will be written about the beauty of this stunning doll.

This Colombian sex doll is the fruit of an innovative R&D design, applying years of experience, the most advanced technology, and the best TPE quality, FDA compliant, free of phthalates and latex. The material results from a careful selection and a strict quality control system that blends raw materials available in nature. That makes it entirely safe for the environment and personal use (recyclable). An internal stainless steel-skeleton provides supports and allows any human posture.
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Type: Female Dolls

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