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Our Anime Artificial Companion 2B (short for “YoRHa Number 2 Type-B”) is the main character of "NieR: Automata", a videogame created by Platinum Games. 2B is a YoRHa class humanoid in an apocalyptic fantasy world, a combat android who fights machines and cyborgs created by an alien civilization to destroy humankind. She levels up with special missions and experience points.

2B has many abilities and combat styles. She can also summon a wild animal to ride. Her favorite weapon is a long katana, although she may also wield two short swords and use other weapons occasionally. A special blindfold allows her to detect enemies at a long-range.

2B is a gorgeous android girl with sexy curves and inquisitive blue eyes. Her look, with her distinctive platinum chin-length hairstyle, short black dress uniform, and black stockings (included), has become an icon in anime and cosplay events

Due to her android nature, 2B is shy and has trouble expressing her feelings, but she has a strong will and determination that help her in dare situations. Because of this, she is often mistaken to have a cold personality. However, at night she has other skills that we would rather not reveal here.

This anime sex doll is offered in partnership with SE Doll, a well-known doll designer and manufacturer that specializes in high-end products of superior TPE quality with an advanced internal EVO skeleton and tongue. The sword is not included.

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