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Mar works as a striper at “The Riviera”, a road strip club located near Castelldefels, a coastal town located South of Barcelona, in Spain. Her twin sister Maribel works there too. On Friday nights the place gets packed to watch both sisters perform in an amazing erotic lesbian show that sets the audience on fire, making them scream and stand in ovation.

Our customers have a hard time deciding which sister is more attractive. Mar is more introverted but loves wild sex and she sucks dick like a pro; Maribel is funnier and more extroverted but more traditional in bed. However, both have been blessed with that Mediterranean sensual look and force-de-nature that make men fall so deeply in love that they even forget their names.

Mar’s last performance is at 3 am. After that, and for the right fee, she can come to your place for a private show, which can evolve into an erotic massage, and end in sex until the morning. Mar is a woman who knows perfectly well how to fulfill your erotic fantasies, taking you to your limits back and forth, until you explode in ecstasy, a woman who knows exactly what arouses you from the very first minute she spends with you and takes her time to show you how real sex must be.

This Spanish sex doll is one of the most realistic ever created, resulting from 3D-scanning a real model’s body. Her head and body are manufactured in soft silicone. She has permanent makeup and a realistic mouth with teeth and tongue, that can be opened and closed to provide oral pleasure. An EVO articulated skeleton offers support and allows any human pose. Her fair skin looks incredibly real, replicating freckles, pores, wrinkles, and blood vessels. Breasts and glutes are filled with a jelly material to imitate human tissue. She comes with a wig and painted eyebrows. Her bionic vagina will help you to achieve incredible orgasms with its contractions and realistic texture.

This is a ZELEX product, a manufacturer focused on ultra-realistic replicas of human bodies for artificial companionship and entertainment.

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