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If you lack space for a Full Body, this Half Body (torso), also known as Tantaly Aurora Wheat 2.0, is the perfect solution. It has been molded to replicate a real black female track and field sprinter’s body, excluding the head and limbs.

This is an amazing 1:1 scale body that portrays a realistic black female athlete with a flat stomach and tantalizing curves that invite you to dress her up in sports clothes. Her breasts have been enhanced in size and filled with gel, an innovation that helps to imitate the natural bouncing, saggy shape, and density of women’s breasts. Her butt has also been designed to imitate her firm glutes as a result of her training routines, but also to provoke the excitement of spanking and grabbing her from behind. All body proportions have been taken into account to make her look real and your sexual fantasy of laying with your favorite Olympic medalist female runner to come true.

Unlike many sex dolls, the vaginal and anal orifices are anatomically correct and located in the right places to recreate more authentic and comfortable sexual experiences. Each canal has been individually designed with a different shape, curvature, and tubular textures for more realistic sensations and pleasure. Penetration and back-and-forth movements generate friction, vacuum, and contractions that cause intense stimulation, simulating real intercourse with extraordinary accuracy.

This torso is manufactured by Tantaly in high-quality TPE material following some of the highest standards in the adult toy industry to achieve a more realistic and enjoyable personal experience. The surface imitates ebony human skin texture, such as pores and wrinkles, with detail. The material’s elasticity and softness accommodate any size perfectly well, ensuring incredible sensations. An internal skeleton supports the spine and thighs to allow a variety of different sexual positions.

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Black Runner Torso

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