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Carines is a Cuban journalist and ex-fashion model who currently lives in Miami. She has been passionately interested in TV, radio, and fashion since she was a kid. However, as she grew up, her career was more oriented towards investigative journalism, winning many prizes and awards, while her beauty was displayed on many fashion magazine covers.

With Colombian parents and a mix of Spanish and indigenous roots, she combines an exotic variety of native American and European traits. She has an hourglass shape with a thin waist and a big bust. Her butt is round, and her hips are wide, like a bikini model. She works out regularly and keeps a healthy lifestyle to achieve these magnificent results.

This hot Cuban lady also has good taste in fashion, always dressing up in style, emphasizing her extraordinary figure with short skirts, mini-dresses, and tight tops that enhance her perfect bust and drive men crazy.

Carines is passionate and ambitious at work, but she is also an attentive, romantic woman. If you are looking for an admirable sexy woman to share your life with, Carines is undoubtedly the best choice.

This Cuban sex doll offers a high degree of realism. Her body and head are made of high-grade silicone, imitating human skin and flesh with a dark tanned tone, make-up, pores, wrinkles, morphology, and blood vessels. She has a wig, implanted hair in the eyebrows and pubic area, gel-filled breasts, and teeth. The advanced internal EVO skeleton offers support with a special mechanism that allows disassembling the head for easier cleaning, shrugging shoulders, and double joints for more realistic movements and poses.

This is a high-end product offered in partnership with Irontech Doll, a manufacturer pioneer in solutions for sexual and emotional satisfaction, known for its dedication to achieving maximum realism and beauty.

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