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If you lack space for a Full Body, this French (Half Body) Model Torso is the perfect solution. It has been molded from a French professional lingerie model’s body, simply excluding the head and the limbs.

This female torso features larger breasts than the Latin Model Torso, a thinner waist, and a smaller, less prominent butt. It also portrays smoother muscular and bone lines in the abdominal region, back, and hips, yet with an attractive side-set pair of round boobs, promising to deliver hours of fun and entertainment.

The vaginal and anal canals have been designed to recreate the same parts, texture, and sensations of sexual intercourse, combined with a suction effect caused by movement and friction.

This realistic Half-Body torso resembles a part of a female body. It is made of top-quality medical-grade FDA-approved TPE. That means it is odorless, tasteless, perfectly safe for human use, and recyclable. An internal stainless-steel skeleton supports the spine and legs, allowing multiple erotic postures. CE/ROHS/SGS Certification.

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