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Nymphs are lesser deities, sometimes capable of life creation. Harmonia is the queen and most important of the twelve nymphs of Ethernia.

Ten thousand years ago, she fell in love with King Alvar of the High Elves from Aquitenia and gave birth to Greenia I, the first Wood Elf and Queen of the Evergreen Forest. During the next one thousand years, they had many more sons and daughters, who became the origin of the Wood Elves. We must remember that elves and nymphs are very different from humans and do not reproduce the same; they also live thousands of years, so their relationships and sexuality are entirely different.

Harmonia's necklace tells the story of the Greatest Hero of Ethernia, her first son Cadmus of Aquitenia, who crafted it for her. He fought alongside his father Alvar during the First Age against the Lord of the Shadows and the evil Forces of the Night in the Fields of Nowhere. Alvar perished, but Cadmus was victorious, leading a coalition of elves, humans, and dwarves, and became known as The Greatest Monster Slayer of All Times, long before the times of Heracles and Achilles.

When Alvar died, Harmonia and all Wood Elves left Aquitenia and retired to live in the very heart of the Evergreen Forest, where they built their marvelous emerald city. It is frequently said that Harmonia is seen wandering naked deep in the Forest, swimming, touching herself, and dreaming of new lovers, as nymphs never have enough of sex.

She has a petite but magnificent sexy body, as nymphs never get old. If you ever dare to enter the Forest and meet her, be ready, as nymphs are the true experts in this world in the art of love, and you may never want to come back.

This fantasy product is offered in partnership with SE Doll, a well-known doll designer, and manufacturer specialized in high-end products of superior TPE quality with an advanced internal EVO skeleton and tongue.

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