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The story of Kaermina Kan-Kacsics, also known as “Lady K,” “Lady Killer, and “The Queen of the Damned”, is impressive. Her ancestors can be dated back to the 5th century when the Huns invaded Transylvania.

In 430 A.C. a Hun hunting party crossed the Carpathians through the Prahova Valley in search of new hunting grounds, reaching the villages along the Szamos River. All villagers were massacred, and their houses and farms burned. Only a skinny little girl survived, hiding inside the still-warm carcass of a horse. They were so impressed that she was taken to Uldin’s presence, a Hun nobleman named “the Scourge of the Devil”, who would settle his hordes in the Transylvanian Basin. At the age of 20, as “a gift” for her unparalleled beauty and obedience, Uldin performed the bloody strigoi ritual and granted her immortality and a new name. Karmina would remain young for eternity in exchange for an insatiable appetite for human blood. All the numerous souls she took since then increased her strength and powers.

By the time the Huns left the Carpathians in 450, Karmina had already become a powerful warlord and leader of the Szekely clan, settling in today’s Brasov. From there, they launched several military campaigns using her immortal powers, which she had extended to her warriors, exterminating all local clans and tribes mercilessly. They always attacked in the middle of the night by surprise, leaving a trail of blood and terror. Villagers started to notice that those strigoi never died nor became older, calling them “vampires”.

The Szekelys became the ultimate rulers in Transylvania, while Lady Killer, their ruthless immortal warrior Countess, gained notoriety. They seemed unstoppable, founding the Union of the Three Nations, an immortal vampire army that terrorized Romania for hundreds of years until the Hungarians arrived in the 16th century, hunting and almost exterminating all vampires. In 1571 Karmina and John II signed a peace treaty in exchange for an alliance against the Ottoman invasion. It is said that Karmina herself turned Vlad Tepes, “The Impaler”, into a vampire to help them defeat the Ottoman armies; and also Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who got crazy killing hundreds of girls and was sentenced by the King himself.

In 1766 Karmina had enough of Europe and moved to New Orleans in a coffin aboard the El Cazador, a Spanish galleon; half of the crew disappeared during the tragic voyage.

Finally, Karmina settled in Louisiana. During the first years, she lived in a big colonial house in the French Quarter until she moved to her big plantation house near Baton Rouge, where she has been living since then. She has seen with her own eyes Louisiana switch hands several times, the American Revolution, the Civil War, violence, riots, the Great Depression... and she has always managed to take advantage of the chaos to fulfill her insatiable thirst for human blood. Kaermina Kan-Kacsics... Was KKK a mere coincidence...? Still, occasionally, someone disappears in the Bayou; no one investigates. The Government looks to the other side and covers the tracks; complicity paid as compensation for "certain favors"... donations, elections, "humanitarian" aid... Her immense wealth seems to know no limits.

Karmina possesses that timeless charm. Is it that attraction that makes you want to have your neck kissed, or bitten, and your blood drained? Is it her eyes, telling stories of old battles, lust, and sexual prowess? Or is it the magnetic power she exercises over your senses? Karmina is strong, deadly, and fierce, but she can also be very protective of those she loves. She is a natural seducer, sexy and alluring at times, and even mothering. Her experience in life is unquestionable, but always “hungry” for new experiences and what a “new soul” can offer. What can be taught to someone who seems to have seen everything? Maybe the value of life and true love?


- Ultra-realistic Fantasy vampire sex doll.
- 3D scan replica.
- Head and body manufactured in soft silicone.
- Realistic mouth + movable jaw.
- Wig.
- Painted hair in eyebrows and eyelashes.
- EVO skeleton with shrugging shoulders and solid feet, no bolts.
- Detailed skin with pores, wrinkles, blood vessels, and vampiric makeup.
- White skin tone.
- Large breast areolas with pink nipples.
- Two sets of eyes: red cat eyes, as shown in the pictures, and red human eyes.
- Teeth with vampire fangs.
- Articulated fingers.
- Strong hands.
- Gel-filled breasts and glutes.


- Bionic vagina.
- Moaning sound.
- Advanced EXPression skeleton: more natural poses.

This is a ZELEX product, a manufacturer focused on ultra-realistic replicas of human bodies for artificial companionship and entertainment.

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