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Lady Macbeth is an elf-vampire who comes from a long bloodline. Elf-vampires have been roaming Ethernia for 8,000 years, living off their victims' blood and vital energy, primarily humans and avatars.

She is the only daughter of Lord Elsewhyr, the Grand Master Vampire, who appeared during the Second Age with the first vampires. When the Evil Forces of the Night were defeated, elf-vampires remained in Ethernia by renouncing sunlight. That is how Queen Evenia discovered him. He was living among the elves, drinking their blood at night and, master of deception, playing the charming human role during the day. Being so handsome, the Queen had fallen for him. Some say her heart never recovered.

Lady Macbeth, however, disagrees with the "old ways". Now Vampire Monarch, she has prohibited blood drinking from elves, humans, and dwarves. And, despite some rebels, who also practice blood magic, rituals, and sexual orgies, the situation seems to be under control. For now…

So they drink the blood of animals, avatars, gnomes, and doppels, provoking them a tremendous sexual appetite, on the verge of nymphomania. That's why she often roams the land at night searching for sexual victims, stalking them in the roads, lurking in the shadows, or visiting inns and taverns in disguise, to have sex with them until they even forget their names.

Lady Macbeth is the fruit of an innovative R&D design, applying years of experience, the most advanced technology, and the best TPE quality, FDA compliant, free of phthalates and latex. The material results from a careful selection and a strict quality control system that blends raw materials available in nature. That makes it entirely safe for the environment and personal use (recyclable). An internal stainless-steel skeleton provides support and allows any human posture.
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Lady Macbeth

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