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Lady Macbeth is an elf-vampire who comes from a long bloodline. Elf vampires have been roaming Ethernia for 8,000 years, living off their victims' blood and vital energy, primarily humans and avatars.

She is the only daughter of Lord Elsewhyr, the Grand Master Vampire, who appeared during the Second Age with the first vampires. When the Evil Forces of the Night were defeated, elf vampires remained in Ethernia by renouncing sunlight. That is how Queen Evenia discovered him. He was living among the elves, drinking their blood at night and, master of deception, playing the charming human role during the day. Being so handsome, the Queen had fallen for him. Some say her heart never recovered.

Lady Macbeth, however, disagrees with the "old ways". Now, as Vampire Monarch and Supreme Ruler of all vampires in Ethernia, she has prohibited drinking blood from elves, humans, and dwarves. And, despite some rebels, who also practice blood magic, dark rituals, and sexual orgies, hidden in remote places where no one dares to go, the situation seems to be under control. Or, at least, that is what it seems…

Lady Macbeth, instead, has authorized, and she is the first one who does this every single night, to feed themselves from other creatures of the night such as animals, avatars, gnomes, ghouls, and orcs, whose blood provokes them acute nymphomania, an incredible sexual appetite. That's why she often roams the land at night in search of sexual victims, lurking in the shadows, stalking them on the roads or in villages and taverns to satisfy her insatiable appetite for sex until she drains them out or they even forget their own names.


- Fantasy Elf female sex doll.
- TPE body and head.
- EVO skeleton with shrugging shoulders and solid feet with bolts.
- Mouth can provide oral sex.
- Skin tone as shown in the pictures.
- Moaning sound.
- Random outfit.
- Wig.

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Lady Macbeth

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