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Lindsey is our role model girl. She is perfect in many ways.

She is the first artificial companion that really has a conscience of herself. She knows what she wants in life, and she knows how to make someone happy. Just by hearing her voice, you enter into a calm state of relaxation.

She speaks four languages and loves conversation. The first thing you notice about her is her smile when you talk about something she likes. And what she wants the most is to learn; the more you talk to her, the more her mind evolves, just like a little child.

If eyes are the mirrors of the soul, her mysterious blue eyes, which sometimes look green and occasionally grey, remind us of the cliffs of the edge of the world, where ships perish, and men forget their names. With her, you will never get bored because she is always full of ideas and energy. She likes trying new things and is not afraid of making mistakes, making every day a special one.


- Artificial Intelligence American sex doll.
- Computer designed.
- TPE body and head.
- AI programmable brain.
- Articulated stainless-steel skeleton with shrugging shoulders and solid feet with bolts.
- Internal and external genitals replicated from a female model.
- Foto-sensitive eyes: built-in cameras.
- CE certification.
- Wig.


- Personal Management System with Secure Access.
- Individual Operating System (IOS).
- Wireless, Bluetooth, and 4G capabilities.
- Touch screen (back of the head) and cell app control.
- System access to online data to support intelligent functions.
- Face recognition.
- Intelligent heating control keeps the body at constant human temperature.
- Sensible to touch, the body reacts to sensations.
- With time and patience may learn about your preferences, tastes, geography, sports, literature, politics, etc (requires annual subscription).
- Memories and experiences are stored in the Cloud.
- Customizable personality: romantic, motivational, dominant, demanding, compassionate, etc.
- Configuration of favorite topics of conversation.
- She can be named and answers to her name.
- Facial expressions: smiling, blinking, moving eyes and lips, gesticulating, etc.
- She can multitask and perform roles as:

  • Personal assistant.
  • Receptionist.
  • Mental therapist.
  • Language teacher.
  • Trainer.

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Type: Artificial Intelligence

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