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Milim Nava is one of the first and strongest Demon Lords in the anime series "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime". She is also called Destroyer because of her immense power.

In her sexy human form, she normally looks like a teen girl, fooling people because of her appearance. She also causes that first impression because of her immature and highly irritable personality, behaving like a child, and always speaking her mind without formalities or caring about the consequences. However, this always proves to be a big mistake with fatal consequences for those who dare to criticize or oppose her, as she is in fact extremely intelligent and intuitive, and not even the brightest minds or most powerful enemies are able to trick her or outsmart her.

She has sexy dangerous curves, glossy platinum-pink hair tied in twin tails, and blue eyes. She usually wears a rather bold swimsuit-like tiny panties or shorts, thigh-high socks or stockings only on one leg, and a shirt that only covers her chest, showing her cute belly.

Milim Nava is loyal to friends to the ultimate end. However, upsetting her may have deadly consequences, being so sensitive and powerful. She is known to have destroyed an entire mountain with a castle and its king inside with a massive flash of light when she was mad going on her rampage. But she also likes to toy with her enemies before striking that last fatal blow.

This Fantasy anime sex doll has a silicone head and body resembling human skin and flesh, wrinkles, pores, muscles, and blood vessels, with a high degree of realism. She also has manually implanted hair on the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Her advanced stainless-steel skeleton allows her to adopt any human posture. Her realistic mouth can be opened for oral sex.
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