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Magnificent Queen Ishtar of the Avatars, whose myth and legend date back to long before the appearance of humankind; venerated as Goddess Ishtar or Innana by ancient Mesopotamian cultures; known as The Splendorous Blue Star of Avataria, the Kingdom of the Avatars.

The Avatars of Ethernia are lesser feminine semi-deities who have permanently adopted a human-like form with blue skin and bright eyes. They have the ability to possess the souls of adult human males by synchronizing with the frequencies of their wavelengths. The Avatar takes control of his mind and body, and the human succumbs to the Avatar’s will, who reads his mind and controls his actions. The Avatars are tremendously sexually active creatures, so the human is frequently induced to provide sexual pleasure for the Avatar’s enjoyment.

Queen Ishtar is the Goddess of Love and War. She can possess unlimited souls; she is dominant and passionate, very demanding. She has a sexy smile, a sculptural figure, and a busty upper body which, combined with her exceptional powers, transforms the human into a submissive male. He will even forget his name, and his conscience will perish in endless sexual and fertility rituals.

This fantasy sex doll is made of the highest quality TPE material, developed after years of research, perfectly safe for human use, highly durable, and very similar to human flesh in softness and firmness. A metal skeleton provides support and the ability to adopt any human posture. Female genitalia replicated with realistic textures and rugosities of vaginal and anal canals.
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Queen Ishtar

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