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For ALL of you ladies and gay men of the world, we would like to introduce you to Puerto Rican television actor Raul!

If you've ever watched “telenovelas”, then you'll probably recognize Raul, but if not, let us tell you everything about this hunk you will ever need to know!

Raul currently lives in Miami, where he has been working as an actor for the past 8 years, and both his star power and dick power are on the rise. Raul is a bi-sexual male packing a 7-inch cock that can get as hard as any cock you have ever sucked or fucked in your life. Although Raul does enjoy loving and fucking men and women alike, he has never had a true partner and would love to find an older man or a woman who doesn’t play mind games with him or use him. He is ready to move anywhere his lover would like him to move, offering the best sex imaginable.

If you hate big dicks that like to fuck and get sucked, then Raul is not the sex doll for you, but if you're ready to let him suck your cock, eat your pussy, and fuck your ass, then you must consider taking him home with you right away. He has a perfect 7-inch penis that'll make your mouth water, and a 5’11” ALL-MASCULINE body!

Raul loves having sex with men being a "bottom" by allowing his male lover to penetrate his asshole in the doggy-style position. But not only does he prefer getting fucked in his ass, but he also performs oral sex like a porn star instead of a soap opera actor. Trust us, if you love cock, then Raul is the stud you've been waiting for!

But Raul is also the ideal "Latin Lover" and really knows his way around a woman's body from head to toe. If you want to achieve an orgasm with Raul, all you have to do is pull out his extremely hard cock and begin riding it until you climax! Many of our female clients are apprehensive at first to fuck a sex doll, but once they learn what the best techniques are to fuck a sex doll, they NEVER desire real men ever again!

Raul adores performing oral sex on men and women. He hasn't sucked on too many cocks, but he has cherished all of his past dick-sucking experiences, and not only does he enjoy making a penis grow extremely hard in his mouth as he sucks on it, but he really enjoys swallowing all of the cum that comes along with giving a great blow job. Hopefully, Raul will be dropping to his knees for you very soon!

As for you ladies, we can suggest a few naughty items to place around Raul's face that'll make oral sex feel just like the real thing!

Raul is made of high-quality TPE with a solid and soft flexible body. He offers oral and anal orifices designed to handle any penis size and a 7-inch dick, perfect for any man or woman who wants to be penetrated in his/her pussy or asshole.
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