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Rikka Takarada is one of the main characters in SSS Gridman and a member of the Gridman Alliance.

She has mid-length glossy dark hair, some of which goes over her shoulders and curls on the tip, with bangs that go just above her eyes. Her eyes are mostly blue with hints of grey.

She has a white collared shirt with a red bow. The original manga character uses a long white sweater over it (not included). She also wears a short blue skirt, medium-length blue socks, and brown shoes (not included).

Rikka is a friendly person who frequently offers assistance to total strangers, although she can be a little snarky at times. She skips school on a whim, without bothering to contact the school or even her friends. Now you can imagine for what and with whom.

Rikka is not really a human, but a Repli-Compoid, a human-like replica of the real human to look more perfect and beautiful in a computer-generated world. Rikka was freed from his programming and gained total independence with the ability to perceive the presence of enemies that cannot be seen by ordinary Repl-Compoids.

This anime sex doll is offered in partnership with SE Doll, a well-known doll designer and manufacturer specializing in high-end products of superior TPE quality with an advanced internal EVO skeleton and tongue.

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