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Surtr is a sexy female character from the video game “Arknights”. She is a mysterious Sarkaz girl who suffers from amnesia, perhaps due to her oripathy, a strange disease caused by exposure to a mineral called originium. She was undergoing treatment at Rhodes Island when she displayed an inexplicably high combat prowess and was quickly qualified as a combat operator.

Surtr always tries her best to regain her memory, but she needs someone or something to help her recover those fragments. At Artificial Companions, we believe that sex could be the best therapy and you, the perfect partner to administer the treatment.

Surtr is not just a pretty girl wielding a great sword. She is an extraordinary frontline combatant who lays waste upon her enemies mercilessly. Sometimes, she has hallucinations mixed with erotic dreams or visions. She travels the world searching for answers, asking people, sometimes acting seductively, others a little harshly, as she hates wasting her time fruitlessly.

If Surtr feels valuated, she can be your best companion. Her physical abilities can never be underestimated.

Surtr has long, glossy red hair and metal horns. She wears a short brown battledress, brown stockings, a coat, a belt, and a waist bag. However, in her bikini version, when she is resting on the island, she wears a tiny black or red bikini and a semi-transparent white top, as you can see in the pictures.


- Realistic Fantasy anime sex doll.
- Head and body manufactured in soft silicone.
- EVO skeleton with shrugging shoulders, double joints, and solid feet with bolts.
- Sealed mouth.
- Implanted hair in eyebrows and eyelashes.
- Articulated hard fingers.
- Reduced weight.
- Gel-filled breasts.
- Skin tone as shown in pictures.
- Costume.
- Wig.

XT Doll is an adult doll manufacturer that focuses on quality; top-quality production combined with outstanding customer service.

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