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If you lack space for a Full Body or a full-size Half Body, this Thin (Half Body) Model Torso may be the perfect solution. It has been molded from a young model with a slim-fit yet toned figure.

However, with 2’3” feet (87 cm), this Half Body is the longest (tallest) in the market. This torso has medium-sized tear-drop boobs and an attractive flat belly with slightly defined abs and muscle lines. The waist is a little wider while the hips and buttocks are less prominent, making the body's shape less curvy but very attractive for those who like thin, tall ladies, the model type.

The vaginal and anal canals were also replicated from the model's female parts to reproduce the same sensations as during natural intercourse. Internal textures were slightly enhanced to produce an even more intense sexual pleasure caused by friction and the suction effect created during the sexual act.

This Half Body torso is made of high-quality TPR material, known for being easily molded to reproduce human skin details, its good resistance to tears and chemicals, and solid firmness, simulating muscle and flesh. An articulated stainless-steel flexible spine and femurs provide support and allow the same realistic postures, torsion, and movements as a human body. FDA, CE, ROHS, and FCC certified in the US, Europe, and Japan.

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