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“Yumi is my Japanese personal assistant. She is very efficient, but sometimes she can be a little clumsy, even distracted…

However, she has me hypnotized. She’s always giving me those looks. I can’t sleep at night, fantasizing about her magnificent petite body, rounded ass, and perfect boobs. Not in vain her name means “beauty”.

What is she hiding behind those glasses and old-fashioned office clothes? Should I be unfaithful to my wife, take her to a motel, strip her clothes, and bang her until she can’t take it anymore? Or should we do it here, right now, in my own office??

Maybe I should fire her and replace her by an old nerdy secretary to avoid temptations! Nooo, poor Yumi!!

Ugh, that kinky look again, those luscious full lips… They’ve got me crazy! I don’t know what I am going to do.

Would you help me?”

Yumi’s body is made from the most advanced medical TPE, also named Cyberskin. It is environmentally safe and nontoxic. A waterproof, durable skeleton supports the structure with joints that allow all sorts of sexy poses with flexibility.
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