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Halyna is a Russian supermodel. She has appeared on the pages and covers of many fashion magazines and walked the runway for some of the most prominent fashion designers.

You can dream all day long, but your fantasies of being with a top model will never become a reality if you don’t do something about it. With Halyna, you can make them real, and she is only a few clicks away. She is a hot, tall, blonde babe with few curves, but in the right places, and delicious perky breasts. She has a slim-fit body and long sexy legs. She may be quite impressive in high heels, but it does not matter because she will be yours and always delighted to please you in all possible ways at any time.

Halyna is a perfect artificial companion. You will love her from the very first moment. Her mere presence at home will stimulate your libido and reinforce your self-confidence. Do not hesitate to have a good conversation with her, as she is always appreciative of those special moments and will repay you with unforgettable experiences

This Russian sex doll is one of the most realistic ever created, resulting from 3D-scanning a real model’s body. Her head and body are manufactured in soft silicone. An EVO articulated skeleton with joints and shrugging shoulders allows her any human pose. Her skin looks incredibly real, with pores, wrinkles, blood vessels, and makeup. She comes with a wig and painted eyebrows. Breasts and glutes are filled with a jelly material to imitate human tissue. Her bionic vagina will help you to achieve incredible orgasms with its contractions and realistic texture.

This is a ZELEX product, a manufacturer focused on ultra-realistic replicas of human bodies for artificial companionship and entertainment.

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