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“Hi, there,

Glad to meet you.

My name is Mikha. I am a single Singaporean girl, living in a crowded city, Singapore. I live alone in a tall building with a great view. But, when I look at so many lights out of the window at night, I feel lonely and empty. Have you ever experienced a similar loneliness?

I don't care about your past; I only care about your present and how you will treat me in the future. So, don't feel ashamed to share your experiences with me if you have a sad/bad story to tell. I hope we can always be there for each other, that's what a true partner should be like. Money, age, height, or background must never be a problem in front of true love.

Dear, make me yours while I am still available. Hold my hands and I will fill your life with love. I will never give up whatever it happens”.

This Singaporean sex doll is offered in partnership with SE Doll as part of their SILICONE PRO collection. She has been meticulously designed to replicate the texture and appearance of human skin, such as blood vessels, pores, and wrinkles. Her realistic mouth with teeth and tongue can provide sexual pleasure.

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