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“Hi, my name is Ari, which means Beautiful in Korean. I am from Daegu, a city located in the interior of South Korea. I come from a simple family, but my parents showed me what are the true values in life: family, love, and loyalty. I hope you have the same values.

I am bright, resourceful, purpose-driven, active, kind, and 100% honest until death. Are these the qualities you look for in a woman? Would you accept sincere and eternal love from someone like me?

I have finally achieved my dream of finding a good job and buying my own apartment. However, I still have not found my beloved man, the one who will make me complete; that honest, strong, and brave man who will give me goosebumps when next to me. He may be older than me, I don’t care. For me, the most important is the spiritual and romantic bond that we can build together. I am a woman who needs love and affection. I don’t think that is too much to ask for. However, I still haven't found a man who can give me these simple things. Maybe you're the one?

I hope you like my photos, as every woman loves compliments. But it's more important that you know what kind of person I am and fall in love with me!”.

This Chinese sex doll is manufactured by Jiusheng Doll entirely in soft silicone. She comes with a detailed mouth with teeth and tongue that can simulate oral sex. Her skin is incredibly realistic, with pores, wrinkles, blood vessels, and much more. Her body has an internal EVO skeleton with shrugging shoulders and standing feet with bolts, and gel-filed breasts for a more realistic feel.

Jiusheng Doll is known for the exceptional quality of its dolls, avant-garde innovation, and artistic design.

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