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“Hi, my name is Ari, which means Beautiful in Korean. I am from Daegu, a city located in the interior of South Korea. I come from a simple family, but my parents showed me what are the true values in life: family, love, and loyalty. I hope you have the same values.

I am bright, resourceful, purpose-driven, active, kind, and 100% honest until death. Are these the qualities you look for in a woman? Would you accept sincere and eternal love from someone like me?

I have finally achieved my dream of finding a good job and buying my own apartment. However, I still have not found my beloved man, the one who will make me complete; that honest, strong, and brave man who will give me goosebumps when next to me. He may be older than me, I don’t care. For me, the most important is the spiritual and romantic bond that we can build together. I am a woman who needs love and affection. I don’t think that is too much to ask for. However, I still haven't found a man who can give me these simple things. Maybe you're the one?

I hope you like my photos, as every woman loves compliments. But it's more important that you know what kind of person I am and fall in love with me!”.


- Realistic South Korean sex doll.
- Real model replica.
- Head and body manufactured in soft silicone.
- Realistic mouth with teeth and tongue to simulate oral sex.
- Implanted hair in eyebrows and eyelashes.
- EVO skeleton with shrugging shoulders and solid feet with bolts.
- Detailed skin with pores, wrinkles, blood vessels, and makeup.
- White skin tone, signature by Jiusheng.
- Gel-filled breasts.
- Wig.


- Bionic vagina + moaning sound.
- Constant human temperature.
- Implanted hair on the scalp (cancels oral access).

Jiusheng Doll is known for the exceptional quality of its dolls, avant-garde innovation, and artistic design.

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