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This beautiful 29-year-old Canadian hottie is not for the faint of heart. She is an artificial companion ride who will hook you up from the very first moment and expect you to show who is in charge!

Avril grew up in Vancouver. Despite her obvious good looks, she never felt she had 'control' of her early life. So, once she finished college, she assumed a position at a famous Canadian ski resort where she worked as a ski instructor. Avril admits, "I really loved skiing and all, but I really wanted to move to the United States and become a model."

Avril has perfect C-cup breasts and a round ass, making becoming a successful model quite easy for her "sleeping her way to the top"... But today she's more concerned about meeting the man she can "sleep her way to his heart". Believe it or not, Avril is a recent divorcee back on the market for any man to come after and cum in!

She not only loves having sex with men, but she is DTF, a sexy woman as well, as long as it's during a hardcore sexual threesome! She loves performing oral sex and taking a long, hard cock up her big, beautiful ass.

Avril is seeking a man who knows how to treat a woman like a queen, both in and out of the bedroom, and she doesn't care about a man's physical looks just as long as he can fuck her seven days a week without complaining about it.

Avril is the fruit of an innovative R&D design, applying years of experience, the most advanced technology, and the best TPE quality, FDA compliant, free of phthalates and latex. The material results from a careful selection and a strict quality control system that blends raw materials available in nature. That makes it entirely safe for the environment and personal use (recyclable). An internal stainless-steel skeleton provides support and allows any human posture.
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