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Carla is an exotic dancer who lives in Tijuana, Mexico, with perfect round big boobs and a sexy booty that makes men drop all their money just at the sight of it. She also has captivating eyes that look amazing as you stare deep into them.

She does not like working at night and on weekends. That's why she is hoping to meet someone who will accept her as she is and does not care for her past life as a stripper. She is ready to commit and take that step if the perfect man appears, She will gladly fly to your home and will make sure you will not regret it.

Carla adores sex, and she enjoys it more if you like it as much as her. That’s why she also is willing to compensate that man who will give her a green card and the opportunity to come to the States, filling his heart with love and passion, and offering total satisfaction in and out of the bedroom, easing his mind with joy.

This Mexican sex doll offers a great degree of realism. Her body and head are made of high-grade silicone, imitating human skin and flesh with different tones, make-up, pores, wrinkles, density, and blood vessels. She has a wig and gel-filled breasts. Implanted hair in the scalp and pubic area are optional for a supplement. The advanced internal EVO skeleton offers support with a special mechanism that allows disassembling the head for easier cleaning, shrugging shoulders, and double joints for more realistic movements and poses.

This is a high-end product offered in partnership with Irontech Doll, a manufacturer pioneer in solutions for sexual and emotional satisfaction, known for its dedication to achieving maximum realism and beauty.

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