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“I am a 22-year-old Filipina girl from Cebu, Philippines. My name is Dalisay, which means “pure” in Tagalog, my native language. But I also speak Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, and I understand English and Spanish quite well. I am Christian, and I play badminton during my free time.

Despite I consider myself a pretty lady, I am quite introverted. I usually prefer to be by myself, with my own thoughts. I am very shy, and I am rarely able to break the ice in a conversation with someone new. It takes me a while to warm up when someone new is around. However, when I meet someone special, I am very receptive and quickly open my mind and my heart, and I make a good display of my sense of humor.

I like to spend time with my family and friends. I'm cautious with dating, and I am very selective, so when I see someone who makes me tingle, I bet 100% for that person and go with everything I’ve got.

I am looking for someone who never leaves me, not even in my worst circumstances. If I am willing to bet for us, and I move with you, please, do not let me down; that would break my heart. I’d like to be with someone I can talk to, and we can be friends and lovers; someone who will understand me, who treats me kindly, and allows me to pamper him; someone who'll stand by my side and give me support when I need it, especially in a new country. I hope that someone also understands the differences in our beliefs and cultures.

If we are together, there will be no dull moments; we will have lots of fun. I promise. I will love you unconditionally. Do not be afraid.”


- Beautiful Filipina sex doll.
- High-quality TPE body with a hard silicone head.
- Implanted hair on the scalp.
- Implanted hair in eyebrows and eyelashes.
- EVO skeleton with shrugging shoulders and solid feet with bolts.
- Refined appearance.
- Sealed mouth with teeth.
- Skin tone as shown in pictures.
- Moaning sound.
- Random outfit.


- Bionic vagina.
- Constant human temperature.
- EVO skeleton with double joints: more realistic joints.

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