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If you want the best, then you have only one option: a Real Lady Sex Doll.

Meet Florine, one of Irontech Doll’s gorgeous Real Lady girls, a 26-year-old German from Hamburg. Florine is a very hot babe and a professional artificial companion. She is a classy lady with a great personality, creative and adventurous, so lively and sexually seductive that each moment spent with her is a remarkable experience. Her mind is full of erotic fantasies that she will make real with you. Florine is an open-minded woman who gladly welcomes any new ideas that involve pleasure and satisfaction.

Florine is not only young and beautiful, but also intelligent, organized, and well-educated. She is excellent at providing companionship because she is a great listener. Her beauty not only resides in her beautiful realistic hourglass slim-thick body but also in her charm and mysterious smokey eyes, This amazing and gorgeous beauty will turn your world around with fun and excitement with her exhilarating aura.

So place your order now and in only a few weeks, Florine will be completely yours.

This Real Lady Sex Doll is completely manufactured in high-quality silicone. She is the ultimate evolution in female replicas, imitating human skin at cell level with all details. The advanced EVO skeleton offers support with shrugging shoulders, articulated toes, and realistic joins. The head comes with a wig and can be disassembled for easier cleaning. Implanted hair is available for a supplement.

Real Lady is a new brand developed by Irontech Doll to create artificial companions that look real to satisfy the natural need that we all have for a friendly human presence.

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