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If you want the best, then you have only one option: a Real Lady Sex Doll.

Meet Florine, one of Irontech Doll’s gorgeous Real Lady girls, a 26-year-old German from Hamburg. Florine is a very hot babe and a professional artificial companion. She is a classy lady with a great personality, creative and adventurous, so lively and sexually seductive that each moment spent with her is a remarkable experience. Her mind is full of erotic fantasies that she will make real with you. Florine is an open-minded woman who gladly welcomes any new ideas that involve pleasure and satisfaction.

Florine is not only young and beautiful but also intelligent, organized, and well-educated. She is excellent at providing companionship because she is a great listener. Her beauty not only resides in her beautiful, realistic hourglass slim-thick body but also in her charm and mysterious smokey eyes; this amazing and gorgeous beauty will turn your world around with fun and excitement with her exhilarating aura.

So place your order now, and in only a few weeks, Florine will be completely yours.


- Ultra-realistic REAL LADY German sex doll.
- 3D scan replica of a female model’s body.
- High-quality soft silicone body + hard silicone head.
- Painted hair in eyebrows and eyelashes.
- EVO skeleton with shrugging shoulders, double joints, and solid feet without bolts.
- Snap-on system that allows to disassemble the head easily for washing.
- Super realistic surface replicating human skin with amazing detail, blood vessels, and makeup.
- Sealed mouth.
- Natural skin tone, signature by Irontech.
- Articulated fingers.
- Articulated toes.
- Gel-filled breasts.
- Wig.


- Constant human temperature.
- Implanted hair on the scalp.
- Super bionic vagina: sucking, vibrating, warming, and moaning functions all in one.

Real Lady is an Irontech Doll brand conceived to produce the most realistic artificial companions possible to fill the need for a friendly human presence.

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