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The ancient Egyptians have been given credit for creating one of the Seven man-made Wonders of the World with their pyramids, but at Artificial Companions we believe the real man-made wonder of the world from Egypt is our Ebony sex doll goddess Isis! And, unlike the pyramids of Egypt, Isis is ready to leave Egypt with the man of her dreams... Hopefully, that's YOU!

One look at Isis can make any man get hard in his trousers. Her exotic curly black hair, big round tits, and even larger ass! This Egyptian goddess is any "Ass Man's" dream woman. Just imagine how her pussy must feel like... Yeah, as tight as it looks. And nothing feels better than a tight 23-year-old’s pussy as your cock slides in and out. Most men think that American women are the best at sex, but once you give Isis a ride, you'll NEVER want to fuck another American woman EVER again!

Isis may look like the Egyptian goddess that she is, but when it comes to sex, Isis is as true of a slut as there is out in the world today, and will pamper her man in the bedroom just as the pharaoh would have demanded; from oral sex to anal sex, and from sucking cock to getting her pussy licked, Isis is down to do anything and everything that her man wants.

Best of all, Isis understands that not all men are made the same, and because of this, she was designed and built to handle any size cock, and loves getting fucked by a 2" cock just as much as riding a 12" dong!

Seriously, why travel all the way to Egypt to visit some of the seven wonders of the world when you can have Egypt's BEST female-made wonder of the world COME to you and make you CUM anytime you wish? It's a no-brainer, guys! You gotta fuck this goddess while you can before someone comes along and takes her home before you do!

Isis is made of high-quality TPE with a solid and soft flexible body that allows her to get fucked in ALL of your favorite sexual positions!
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