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Jenna is an authentic replica of a girl who worked in our Marketing Department a couple of years ago.

Jenna had graduated with honors in Digital Marketing at FIU, but she always had possessed a doctoral degree in sympathy and boldness, so she found fun and daring our proposal to mold her beautiful body and 3D scan her gorgeous face.

As a good Miamian girl, she is that cute gorgeous girl you have always dreamt of for a perfect Summer romance. She has the body of a model, not too tall but slim, and super sexy with B-cup perky breasts. Everything fits great on her! She has an adorable face with a beautiful smile and perfect velvet skin, bright hazel eyes like honey candy, and golden straight glossy hair. She is multi-talented, intelligent, and open-minded, and never seems to run out of energy, always willing to do something. But it's her extraordinary personality and great sense of humor what captivated all of us.

If you are looking for a perfect girl as a partner to connect with on an intellectual and a sexual level, who can put a smile on your face and turn your fantasies into reality but cannot find her, consider an artificial companion like Jenna. She is the ultimate girlfriend, truly a jewel girl, the perfect companion for a lifetime. Unlike real Jenna, "our Jenna" will never leave you to pursue her career in another city!

Jenna's American sex doll replica is manufactured in top-quality medical-grade TPE, perfectly safe for human use, biodegradable, highly durable, and very similar to human flesh in softness and firmness. A metal skeleton provides support and the ability to adopt any human posture. Genitalia was also replicated for maximum realism, adding internal textures and rugosities in vaginal and anal canals.
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