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This is Kristen, a true replica of a tall Dutch bombshell from Den Haag. We hope she brings fun and style to your life, becoming your perfect artificial companion for anything from a romantic dinner to a kinky night behind closed doors.

The original Kristen is a fantastic combination of a bright mind and a gorgeous body, pretty common in Dutch girls. Her stunning look is just emphasized by her energetic and enthusiastic personality, making her an amazing girl to have nearby. Additionally, she has the exceptional gift of helping even the most introverted people to come out of their shells and forget about their fears or shyness. That is the nature of her personality, never judging and encouraging you to be just yourself.

So, all the exciting ideas that you have always imagined enjoying with a model-type sexy girl, who is open to anything and always ready, are now possible with Kristen. Her striking figure, her silky wavy blonde hair, and her confident gray eyes, bright like sterling silver under the sunlight, will give you enough reasons to get lost by just merely looking at her.

If you have been wasting time and money with failed relationships and escort dates, do not hesitate, Kristen is the perfect solution.

This Dutch sex doll is one of the most realistic ever created, resulting from 3D-scanning a real model’s body. She has a soft silicone body and a hard silicone head with implanted hair on the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes. An EVO articulated skeleton with joints and shrugging shoulders allows her any human pose. Her skin looks incredibly real, with pores, wrinkles, blood vessels, and makeup. Breasts and glutes are filled with a jelly material to imitate human tissue. Her bionic vagina will help you to achieve incredible orgasms with its contractions and realistic texture.

This is a ZELEX product, a manufacturer focused on ultra-realistic replicas of human bodies for artificial companionship and entertainment.

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