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“If you are looking for a truly loving and caring Filipina, you came to the right page. I am tired of games and ready to start a serious and stable relationship. I am never afraid to start something new in my life because I am adventurous and always willing to explore new horizons.

Honestly, I prefer a foreign man. Filipino men are just not my type, I am too much for them. I prefer an attractive, tall American or European guy, who knows how to treat a woman. I am not looking for Mr. Perfect or a prince on a white horse, just a man who makes me feel butterflies in my stomach when he looks me in the eye, who kisses me every night to say good night, and a man who loves me for who I am. I also value sense of humor, because is something that helps to go thru hard times.

I am the type of lady who will do anything for you, and you can count on when you need support. I'm a good listener too. I am lovable, caring, understanding, and most of all, I am a responsible person, looking also for an honest and responsible man. My motto is ‘Hard times? Never mind, just don’t give up, it's such a wonderful life!". What about yours?”

This Filipina sex doll has a silicone head and body resembling human skin and flesh, wrinkles, pores, muscles, and blood vessels, with a high degree of realism. She also has manually implanted hair on the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes. She is exceptional because she can provide oral pleasure, which is uncommon in sex dolls with silicone heads. Her advanced stainless-steel skeleton allows her to adopt any human posture. SPECIAL BUNDLE included: shrugging shoulders, standing feet, moaning sound, human constant temperature, and maintenance kit.
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