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Lucinda is from Brighton, on the south coast of England, but she grew up in London in a very wealthy family that used to spend the Summers yachting in Majorca. Her parents, passionate about Spain, named her after Cervantes' Don Quixote novel character, and her name means "light".

Although Lucinda has always been able to have anything in the world that her heart desires, the one thing that she has truly been missing is a real man who loves her for her mind, big tits, and tiny round ass, and not just for her money, as most men she has been with rather spent her money than time with her.

"Being rich is wonderful because of all the great things you can do and all the doors it opens, but the doors to my heart have yet to be opened by the type of man I have desired my whole life. I would trade all the money in the world for a passionate man with a hard dick who can talk dirty to me in the ear and make love to me for hours nonstop. But, instead, most men are just scared to fuck me in the ass because they think I am just a fragile little girl, while what I really want is to be treated like a slut! Lol."

Lucinda is also willing to move from London if the right man comes along to 'rescue' her. "If that man knows how to treat me, both in the bedroom and out in the real world, I would move with him without hesitation and show him that I am not just a spoiled little rich girl, but I can be a true partner. However… he better be ready to fulfill all my sexual fantasies without complaining..."

Lucinda will make a truly amazing companion for any man, woman, or couple who enjoys the great things life has to offer.

This British sex doll is made of the highest quality TPE, medical-grade (CE and ROHS certified), with an internal stainless-steel skeleton that allows her to adopt any human posture.
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