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As you can read in the first-part of her story, Lyana and Lilaya are two sisters from Singapore. They are both really into Westerners; they say they are the best lovers in the world. If it ever happened that you would come across any of them while in Singapore, and you are a handsome, good-looking American or European guy, you can be sure you had a great chance of laying in bed with one or even both of them! Because when someone like that gets into their line of sight, there is no escape. Who could with these two gorgeous Asian sisters flirting with you?

Lyana is 20, very charming, with silky skin and beautiful curves. She prefers non-rushed sex, quality above all. She takes great pride in her physique, looks, and feminine style, not to be wasted for just a quickie like a teen in a hurry. Her body perfectly balances being toned and having a feminine softness. The experience of living with her everyday life must be incredible; every night spent with her an unforgettable experience full of intimacy, caring, and passionate fire.

On top of all that, Lyana has a loving nature. She would stop dating and flirting with other men immediately if she could find the “perfect one”. She is deeply affectionate, classy, intelligent, and sensual enough for all that to overflow beyond the pores of her skin. And she wants to share it all with that fortunate guy who knows how to appreciate it and put a woman at ease to create lasting memories. An even stronger connection can be created by adding her sister Lilaya to the equation! Laughs, sex, good moments… Everything stays in the family! Life is too short after all; we shall enjoy it and live it to the fullest!

This Singaporean sex doll is brought to you thanks to our partnership with SE Doll, a well-known doll designer and manufacturer that specializes in high-end adult products of superior TPE quality with an advanced internal EVO skeleton and tongue.

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