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“My name is Maelyn, and I am from Davao City. I speak Cebuano (native), Tagalog (good), and English (ok), and I have a high School Graduate. I like jogging, cooking, and sex.

I am a woman who always tries to appreciate all the good things life can offer. I have a lot of hope inside of me, hoping that someday I will be able to meet the man that was meant for me. I am not looking for the perfect partner because there's no perfect in this world, I am a woman who has a lot of ambition. I want someday to give my family the life that I have never experienced because, as they say, “if you can dream it, you can do it”. I am a simple, loving, and caring woman who only wants pure happiness.

I am looking for an honest man who promises to not leave me alone in this long journey of life, someone I can call “my home”. He shall be my safe zone, my comfort, my happy place, my calm during the storm, and someone that I can count on. Life can be chaotic and tough, however, if I have someone like this at my side, who will be there for me; someone who will motivate and guide me, a man who will value what I am worth and my contribution to our happiness, that is all I need”.

This Filipina sex doll has a silicone head and body resembling human skin and flesh, wrinkles, pores, muscles, and blood vessels, with a high degree of realism. She also has manually implanted hair on the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Her advanced stainless-steel skeleton allows her to adopt any human posture.
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