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“Many sexy guys come to Inverness attracted by the Loch Ness monster legend. And when they ask me about “Nessie”, I always tell them the same, ‘Lemme see your monster, and if I like it and you fuck well, I might tell you the real story’. After a couple of scotches at The Malt Room (I don’t like waiting that much), we go up to his hotel room, and we fuck all night…

I don't give a damn what this old town’s people think about me. I'm a Scot! Life is just too fucking short to worry about losers. No one judges men; we women have all the right to live it up too!

Despite always being horny and sometimes being a bitch, I can also be a classy elegant lass. I like to dress up and especially wear sexy lingerie to enhance my killer curves. My nipples are always hard as a rock and despite I am provocative and direct by nature, I am also sensual and seductive. I can play the passionate girlfriend role or the wild bitch that drives you crazy. We may end up in the morning cuddling up together, or we can split up, each of us parting separate ways; but one thing is clear, I won’t let you indifferent.”

This Scottish sex doll has a silicone head with a wig that imitates the scalp. Her body is made of high-grade TPE material. The advanced EVO skeleton provides support with a realistic articulation of all joints, including fingers and jaw, so her realistic mouth can be opened and closed for oral pleasure. LCTech certified.
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